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Elegant Themes Divi 2.4 Review

With the new Divi release, Elegant Themes has raised the bar for drag-and-drop WordPress themes. In introducing the new Divi builder, it seems the risk has paid off for ET, with almost universally positive reviews from some big names in WordPress.

Check out this comprehensive Divi 2.4 review and test-drive to see what an improvement this latest overhaul is, and what you can expect in the future. Check out the Divi 2.4 review here.

Stylemix Themes BestBuild Review and Tutorial

Stylemix is a relatively new WordPress theme developer, working mostly with high quality niche themes. They deliver their themes exclusively through Themeforest, and have an incredible customer rating throughout their portfolio.

The BestBuild theme is one of the newer themes, developed for construction, architecture and building companies. It has over a 4.80 customer rating from Themeforest, and the review also provides a tutorial on installing and customizing the theme, which will also be useful for any other Stylemix themes. Here is the Stylemix BestBuild review and tutorial.

AppThemes Taskerr Micro Job Theme Review

AppThemes is, appropriately, the king of app and niche themes, and the Taskerr micro job theme continues the quality and easy set up that they are known for.

The theme contains literally everything you need to create your own micro job theme, including all of the plugins you need for scheduling, monetization, promotion and mailing list / social media marketing. If you intend on publishing niche sites, AppThemes offers 31 themes with 24 hour support, and for $99, you can publish as many websites as you want for just one payment. Check out the Taskerr micro job marketplace theme review here.