With over 300,000 active theme users, ThemeFusion has always offered Avada Theme Support included in each theme purchase. With the new switch to Envato paid support after 6 months, there has been some confusion as to how existing theme users can get ongoing support for their theme. According to our friends at Avada Experts..

ThemeFusion was forced into the new Envato paid support scheme starting September 1, 2015. Unfortunately, there has been confusion as to the dates of the support changeover, as well as who is covered. Even the Themefusion forums get their own dates wrong, as you can see here.

There are also confusing instructions as to who is grandfathered in, and how they receive the support they were guaranteed when they purchased the theme.

Fortunately, this change to paid Avada theme support has opened opportunities for smaller sites like Avada Experts that work exclusively with the Avada theme.

While the new Envato support for Avada covers only theme updates, included plugin compatibility and technical questions, firms like Avada Experts literally cover every type of support theme users might need.

From custom headers to contact form styling, clients simply open a chat or make a quick call to get any issue resolved in real time.

Another change that may shock some clients is what Envato says about extending the support period.

A supported item includes item support for 6 months from the purchase date. During those 6 months, the author is expected to be available to provide the item support services we’ve set out on this page.

If you’re about to purchase the item, you’ll have the option to purchase extended item support, increasing the item support period up to a maximum of 12 months from the date of purchase.

This means that no matter what, you have no options for support after 12 months. Any support you want after that will only be offered on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of Envato, not the theme author.

Do you know of a reputable Avada theme support site that we could profile? Send us a comment and we will reach out.

Do you have any experience with the new Envato support scheme? Tell us how you think it compares with the grandfathered Avada support for the theme.