Sometimes, you just need to shamelessly plug other projects you’re working on. We all have things that get us excited (and if you don’t, you should!). Here are a few project we’re excited about and why:


A New Network Marketing Company

There isn’t a lot of middle ground when it comes to network marketing. Usually people either love it or hate it. However, there is a new company called Bonvera that might be changing all of that. And that’s why we’re excited about both the company and our part in it.

Generally speaking, network marketing companies sell products or services that are unique to them. For these companies, network marketing is their sales channel which is why network marketing reps are usually called “distributors.” These reps usually have their work cut out for them asthey try to convince family and friends to buy products they are unfamiliar with, often at price points higher than traditional retail products.

Bonvera changes all of that. With Bonvera, representatives have access to thousands of name-brand products that they are familiar with and probably buy already anyway. Ever heard of Ziploc bags, Windex, Crest, Glade, or Pledge? So has everyone else. This is why Bonvera is different and why we’re excited to be promoting their company.


White Label Web Design Services

There are literally thousands of small web firms that could easily double their business if they just got a little help. Most small businesses fall into the trap of doing everything themselves which usually results in slow growth. Scepter Marketing is now offering white label web development and design services to help these small, growing web firms get the help they need. With these services, small to mid-size web firms can offload their web work to a trustworthy, quality company and thereby free themselves up to focus on growing their business through sales and marketing.


Tool Holder Exchange

A friend of ours has a business where he buys and sells machine tool holders for CNC machine tools. After talking with him and doing a bit of research, we found out that there isn’t much information online about CNC machine tooling, tool holders, or CNC users and applications. So to help him grow his company and to make the web a better, more informed place, we’ve started to provide useful information about tool holders specifically.


Local Internet Marketing

Most local internet marketing sucks. It’s hard to have it not suck because doing marketing correctly takes time. Most small businesses can’t afford a $50,000 a year contract to have someone put together a strategic marketing plan that custom fits their business, execute that plan, tweak it, grow it, and report on it. As a result, many small businesses end up paying for cheap tricks and ploys or half-done systems by companies who forget that marketing is not the end in and of itself. What small business owners really want is results. They want customers in the door paying for goods and services.

After being in the internet marketing space for 5+ years and seeing small businesses struggle with internet marketing, we’ve finally put together a plan that can help them get the results they want and need. We do all of the work, and the small business gets to reap the benefits. We lead with results generating leads for businesses, often before we ever even ask for the money. This way, the business can be sure that their hard-earned money isn’t going into the SEO abyss or down the PPC drain. Instead, they have measurable ROI that they can count on. We get paid for delivering, not for promising.